About Us & Company Video

This 4-minute video explains our service, allows you to meet some of the members of our staff, and has on-camera testimonials from real Pacific Listings clients.  Please take a look.

Pacific Listings specializes in filling vacancies for property owners.  Our service is unlike any other.  Our approach is highly sophisticated, intelligent, unique, effective, and beneficial to our clients on a variety of levels.  The service we provide is above and beyond anything else available.  The results of our involvement are undeniably positive.  Our financial compensation is reasonable and fairly structured.  We do not require a signed listing agreement from our clients.  Our staff is truly exceptional.  Our founders have a brokerage background and fully understand that different owners have different leasing methodologies based on their individual preferences and future plans for a property.   No client is too large or too small, our clients range from large property management companies to individual owners that just purchased their first rental home.  This is an introduction to the service we provide.  The language contained here is informative, but we would prefer to show you what we can do rather than tell you about it.  Our actions speak louder than our words.  We look forward to having the opportunity to show you what Pacific Listings can do for you.