Define “FREE”

The most common objections we hear are:

1) “Why should I pay your company?  This is something that I can do myself, and therefore I don’t want to pay anyone a fee.”

We also hear:

2) “I can list it on another site and they will not charge me.  That’s what I want. I want this to be free.”

The objections found above seem rational at first glance, but only to someone that has never worked with us before.  Of course nobody wants to pay for something they can receive for free.  No reasonable person would ever do that.  To think that an option similar to working with Pacific Listings is available at absolutely no charge is simply wrong.  Our service should not be confused with any other service.  We are unlike anything else available to a property owner. No other company has our staff, delivers our level of service, has our intelligence, or incorporates our technology and methodology.

The moment a unit is ready for us to shoot we send a videographer / photographer to shoot dozens of high resolution pictures and our signature Video Tour.  The pictures, video tour, musical sound track, and all other relevant information are immediately entered into our website and the marketing campaign begins.  The vacancy is exposed to the apartment searching public with unparalleled effectiveness.  Our site is entirely free to tenants.  This fact is crucial to our popularity among tenants.  Units on our site receive heavy viewing traffic.  We keep statistics for everything we do, and we are happy to share them with our clients.  Each Video Tour viewing is actually monitored in real time.  This means that minute- to- minute we are aware of exactly how many times a Video Tour for a specific unit has been viewed.  The Video Tour of a reasonably priced unit in a good area is commonly viewed by 20 or 30 tenants each calendar day.  Therefore, it is very common for a Video Tour on our site to be viewed anywhere from 140 to over 210 times within one week of our staff shooting the unit.  Because the Video Tour and supplemental still images replicate an actual physical visit to the unit, it is very comparable to having that many people physically viewing the unit in person.

When was the last time that you heard of a property owner showing a vacant unit to several hundred people in the first week of his unit being vacant?  Until we created this site, such a thing never happened.  The Video Tour replicates a physical viewing for a tenant, and because they can view from home, office, or even their mobile device, they can now view more units than ever before.  Our site allows tenants to conduct a truly intelligent apartment search, and our clients reap the benefits of the voluminous interest we create.

Our efforts result in filling vacancies with great tenants in a timely fashion.  As mentioned above, owners often claim that other sites are “free”, and because of this they do not have any interest in paying us to assist them with leasing.  That logic is a gross misunderstanding of reality.  Leasing vacant apartments properly is not an easy task.  We do it every single day and we know that to be true for a fact.  The “other sites are free” objection is quite flawed.  The owners that often use this objection commonly have vacant units that have been unoccupied for several months.  The analysis is not difficult: If a $2,000/Month unit has been vacant for 3 months, then $6,000 in potential income has been lost.  If Pacific Listings could have shot that unit as soon as it was vacated, chances are excellent that the unit would have been leased within one or two weeks.  So instead of a unit being vacant for 2 or 3 months, our units are commonly only vacant for a few days or weeks.

Any owner that is experiencing long-term vacancies should use our service.  If an owner is experiencing vacancies that last 2 or 3months, and are using a site that does not directly charge them a fee, that owner should not continue to believe that the service is “free.”  Technically the owner is not receiving an invoice from the billing department of the site they are using, but using the site is costing them money.  So is it really free for an owner to uses that “free site?” The correct answer to that question is obvious.  In the above scenario, where the $2,000/Month unit has been vacant for 3 Months, and the owner is using the “Free Site,” technically the site’s billing department has not sent him an invoice, but the owner’s cost for using that ineffective site was $6,000.

Our fee is 50% of 1 month’s rent and we do all the work.  Having us shoot, advertise, and fill that $2,000/Month unit within a week or two with a great tenant is much better than allowing the unit to remain vacant for several months.  It is so simple: pay us a $1,000 fee to avoid a loss of $6,000 in income.  Who could argue with that logic?