No Listing Agreement

Most property owners prefer not to sign a listing agreement.  This is an undeniable truth that our founders learned during their careers in brokerage.  It is not difficult to understand why a property owner would be opposed to signing a listing agreement with someone they barely know or with a company they have never worked with before.  This is why we do business on a handshake or with a simple verbal agreement.  This is how people used to do business, and we enjoy bringing some much needed “old school” integrity to the real estate community.

Listing agreements are not required of our clients.  We take all the risk and the owner takes no risk whatsoever.  We created a stress free / win-win environment where property owners can allow us to market their properties without any concerns that they signed something they shouldn’t have.  We would prefer to get to work marketing a client’s vacancies, rather than pushing that owner to sign an agreement with us.  Time is money in this business and we don’t want our clients’ vacancies to linger even one hour longer than they have to.

We do not require the exclusive right to market a vacancy.  Our clients can continue marketing their property even after we get involved if they choose to do so.  If a property owner locates a tenant through their marketing efforts, then we do not require any financial compensation.  We are only compensated when a tenant we send to view the property ends up signing a lease and renting that unit.

Property owners often inquire: “You have no listing agreements, so aren’t you worried that you won’t be compensated for your efforts?”  This is a valid question with a very simple answer: At Pacific Listings we ensure our financial compensation by being good at what we do. Every owner who gives us an opportunity will immediately see how tremendously valuable our service is, and our experience has been that they will be eager to use Pacific Listings again in the future.  Vacancies are inevitable, and they occur regularly in Los Angeles apartment buildings.  Only a very short-sighted owner would fail to pay us our fee after we successfully found him a high quality tenant in a short period of time.  Even if an owner initially intended to not pay us for filling that first vacancy, we are confident that our value will become obvious and will cause that owner to re-think what previously seemed like a good idea.  Our clients have no desire to burn a very valuable bridge.  We are a valuable resource for anyone that has vacancies, and we will not return to fill a second vacancy if we are not compensated for filling the first one.  We take pride in the fact that we are able to operate successfully without the use of listing agreements.  We are honest businesspeople and we are eager to work with other honest businesspeople.