We can virtually eliminate an owner’s vacancy factor entirely when an owner allows Pacific Listings to begin marketing a unit during a current tenant’s final 30 days of tenancy.  The most intelligent approach is for us to begin marketing a unit as soon as a tenant gives their 30-Day Notice to vacate.  As soon as that notice is received, the unit should be shot by our staff and showings should begin.  Some tenants are willing to allow viewings and are quite accommodating.  Sometimes owners provide small financial incentives to their tenants during their final 30-Days of tenancy to encourage them to accommodate those who wish to view the unit.  Some of our greatest success has come when the outgoing tenant is offered a small fee of $100 or $200 by the landlord to show the unit.  They receive that fee if the unit is successfully rented to a new tenant during their final month.  That small financial incentive is usually enough to motivate most tenants to make themselves available to show and to keep their unit in good condition so that it shows well.  If an owner incorporates this strategy, we can easily have a signed lease from a quality tenant a few weeks before the outgoing tenant has even moved out.  The goal is to pre-lease the unit, have the unit cleaned and fixed up within a few days of the outgoing tenant’s departure, and to have the new tenant’s lease begin within days of the previous tenant’s exit.  Most owners in this city allow their units to stay vacant for several months when it isn’t necessary.  Our service can eliminate that from happening.  Having lingering vacancies in this city is a choice.  Lingering vacancies is something that our clients choose not to experience.