The Game Has Changed

Placing a “For Rent” sign in front of a property is no longer a viable approach for renting an apartment.  That approach is antiquated and ineffective.  Other leasing companies do exist, but Pacific Listings is the gold standard in the Los Angeles market.  Other web-sites are available for an owner to use, but no individual owner will ever be able to generate tenant traffic that will rival the interest our company creates for a vacancy.  The voluminous tenant traffic we create results in our vacancies being rented in days, not weeks or even months.  Voluminous tenant traffic allows a property owner to be selective.  Our company always creates tenant traffic that is exponentially greater than that which existed prior to our involvement.

The evolution of technology has allowed us to change how tenants conduct an apartment search in Los Angeles.  Gone are the days of a tenant spending full days driving up and down the streets of L.A. looking for a “For Rent” sign.  No intelligent tenant will spend a full day recording property addresses and the corresponding phone numbers found on “For Rent” signs with a pen and notebook.  Tenants can now find thousands of units for rent within seconds with a few clicks of a button on their computer.  An apartment search is now conducted online, and tenants need to be enticed by an attractive and informative on-line advertisement.  No other company advertises as effectively as we do.  Our ads and our site are a dream come true for the L.A. apartment hunter.  We have changed the game and our efforts benefit tenants and landlords.