The Process

  • Owner calls Pacific Listings to inform us of a new vacancy.
  • Owner prepares the unit for new tenants.
  • Pacific Listings shoots a professional VIDEO TOUR & PICTURES of the vacancy.
  • Pacific Listings markets the property, exposing it to thousands of renters.
  • Pacific Listings shows the property to interested tenants.
  • Pacific Listings receives and processes applications from interested tenants.
  • Pacific Listings submits applications to the owner for review.
  • Pacific Listings continues marketing the unit until a quality application is approved by the owner.
  • Pacific Listings meets with approved applicants to sign the lease and city required paperwork, collect   cashier’s check made out to the owner, and delivers keys.
  • Pacific Listings delivers signed paperwork and cashier’s check to the owner.
  • Owner pays Pacific Listings a fee equal to 50% of 1 Month’s Rent.

The process of working with Pacific Listings is very simple.  We only require a verbal “yes” from the decisionmaker.  No listing agreement is necessary.  A member of our staff will arrange to shoot the vacancy with the permission of the owner, manager, or owner’s representative.  We consult with the property’s representative to collect all the relevant information: price, parking, pet policy, etc. The vacancy is entered into our system and the marketing begins.  Tenants begin viewing the unit on our web-site and in person. Eventually a rental application is submitted and the decision-maker for the property approves or disapproves of the applicants.  If a tenant is approved, we facilitate in finalizing the process. Once the entire leasing process is complete and the owner has a signed lease and cashier’s check for the first month’s rent plus security deposit in hand, it is at this point that we send an invoice to the owner.  Pacific Listings is paid upon completion of our service– not before.  If an owner locates a tenant through his or his other representatives’ efforts, then our company is not financially compensated.  We only get paid when a tenant we send to view the property ends up renting a unit.