To Be the Best You Need the Best Site is an exceptional web-site.  We encourage you to take a look for yourself.  The site is beautiful, user friendly, packed full of useful information, and extremely sophisticated.  Our founders had only one goal in mind when development of the site began: that was to create the industry’s best web-site.  That goal was achieved, and our clients have been reaping the benefits ever since.

The site’s value can be quantified from various perspectives; chief among them is the incredible viewing volume of our “Video Tours.”  Each vacancy entered into our system contains a “Video Tour” of the actual unit that is available for rent with classical music in the background.  These video tours have become one of our company’s signature features.  They allow tenants to view a very detailed “walk through” of the entire vacant unit.  The videos are usually anywhere from two to three minutes in duration.  Our Video Tours usually begin outside of the property and allow the tenant to see the property’s exterior and the “walk up” into what may soon be their new apartment.

The Video Tours replicate the experience of physically viewing an apartment in person and walking through each room.  The obvious benefit to tenants is that they can view hundreds of vacant apartments on our site before ever getting into their cars and driving to view any of them in person.  We have created a site where tenants can conduct much of their due diligence from the comfort of their home, office, or even from their mobile phone.  Our site is compatible with and easily viewable on all mobile devices, so tenants can easily view from any location.  Traffic is something we all avoid whenever possible.  Our site allows tenants to avoid driving to 10 or 15 physical apartment viewings.  Tenants now have the luxury of restricting their search on our site based on price, location, features, and finally they can view a high number of exceptional photographs and a detailed Video Tour for each vacant apartment we advertise.  Tenants will commonly view video tours for thirty or forty of our available units, select their three or four favorite units, arrange to view those units in one afternoon, and move forward with applying for their favorite unit.  The selective apartment hunter can now accomplish in one or two days what previously was a difficult and time consuming twomonth process.  This is real change!  This is evolution! This is what makes sense today.