We Work With Property Management Companies

It is a common misconception that the presence of a property management company is a good reason not to use our service.  Property Management companies are actually our biggest clients.  We work with Property Management companies that oversee the management of over 3,000 units.  More people working towards a common goal is a good thing.  Property management companies have so many responsibilities.  We specialize in only providing one service, and we pride ourselves on doing an exceptional job.  A typical field manager at a property management company is responsible for the entire operation of 10 or even 20 different properties.  Property management companies’ staffs have a tremendous amount of responsibilities, and their work is difficult and time consuming.  The staff at Pacific Listings has only one specialty and only one responsibility.    We specialize in renting units to great tenants in a timely fashion. Our service is highly specialized, and our clients reap the benefits of that specialization.

We have no interest in replacing your property management company.  We simply want to assist with the leasing of vacant units.  They will continue to handle the bookkeeping, rent collections, evictions, maintenance concerns, remodels, countless tenant issues, and all the other responsibilities that traditionally fall to a property management company.  We are simply additional help in one very important area: leasing.  We do not ask that property management companies end their leasing / marketing efforts.  They continue those efforts and we begin ours.  Together the results are better for the property owners.  Our presence increases the viewing traffic exponentially and vacancies are filled quickly.