What If a Tenant Doesn’t Honor Their Lease?

We do everything possible to place well qualified tenants in the units we work. Our efforts have resulted in overwhelmingly positive results. But sometimes tenants simply do not honor the Lease they signed. It is very rare that our tenants do this, but when filling thousands of vacancies annually it is bound to happen on occasion. If a tenant fails to honor a signed 1-Year Lease for any reason, we will re-fill that unit with the same enthusiasm as we did the first time and we will not charge the owner for locating the replacement tenant. It does not matter to us what the tenants’ reason for leaving is. Sometimes couples separate, people lose their jobs, students transfer universities, or a new job opportunity arises in another city that a tenant is compelled to accept. If a tenant vacates a unit prior to the end of a signed 1-Year lease for any reason, we will re-fill that unit for our client at no extra charge. Because we already shot the unit previously, it is very easy for us to begin the marketing process again. Every unit we shoot can easily be re-activated in our system.