Why Don’t You Charge the Tenants?

We now live in an age of free information.  Companies like Google, Facebook, Yelp and countless others have so enthusiastically promoted a new era of free information that the general public has demanded web-sites that allow them to view available properties completely free of charge.  Our site is viewed by thousands of tenants each day, and it is not realistic to charge them to view it.  Tenants will no longer accept being charged for something that they can find elsewhere for free, so we give them what they want.  We actually went above and beyond what everyone else has done, and created an apartment hunting utopia for them.  Our founders visualized the dream web-site, assembled a world-class staff, and built an intelligent company that delivers exceptional customer service.

We incur real costs, and we must charge owners a fee in order to deliver this service.  Ultimately all parties win because the tenant finds the perfect place to live, our clients have their vacancies filled with a great tenant in a timely fashion, and we are compensated fairly for providing a much needed service.  The industry standard fee for this service from most companies is 6% of a 1-Year Lease.  For a $2,000/Month Unit, a 12 Month Lease generates $24,000.  6% of that is $1,440.  Our fee structure is more attractive to owners.  Our fee for filling a $2,000/Month unit is only a one-time fee equal to one-half of the first month’s rent: $1,000.  Our fee is $440 less in this scenario, and is always less than the industry standard of 6%.  Not only is our fee less, but our service is superior.  We do a better job than anyone else, and we do it for less.