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We Make Vacancies Disappear

Connecting Quality Tenants With Property Owners

Let Us Show You How We Fill Your Vacant Units

We are not a property management company; we handle everything from A-Z when it comes to finding the best tenants for your property.

Here’s what we do:

  • NTake dozens of professional photos
  • NCreate high-definition video walk-throughs
  • NAdvertise on all of the best channels with proven methods
  • NCoordinate tenant viewings through virtual and in-person tours
  • NScreen tenants to line up with the property owners' wishes
  • NWe even prepare leases, coordinate lease signings, collect payments, and deliver the keys!

The pandemic made the renting market even more complex, so naturally, the property owner needs to be more vigilant. Let Pacific Listings show you how we can fill your vacancies with the right tenants.

Our clients range from multi-unit property owners to individuals that just purchased their first rental home.

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    Our Pledge

    • WOur service has proven results
    • WOur financial compensation is reasonable and fairly structured.
    • WWe do not own the exclusive rights to market your vacancies and we don’t require a contract.
    • WOur staff is exceptional at client relations, locals of Southern CA, experienced in real estate, and always ready to go the extra mile!

    Our Valued Clients

    Hear what our clients have to say about our service and give Pacific Listings your next vacancy to fill.



    We offer 3 options for our clients:

    Option #1

    40% of 1 Month’s Rent
    Our fee paid in advance

    Option #2

    50% of 1 Month’s Rent
    Exclusive 60-day listing agreement
    Our fee paid once the unit has been leased.

    Option #3

    60% of 1 Month’s Rent
    Non-Exclusive 60-day Listing Agreement
    Our fee paid IF the unit is leased to a Pacific Listings referral.

    With Option #3, our 60% fee is collected only if the unit is rented to a tenant we send to view the property. If the tenant is sourced from the owner, manager, another leasing agent, or any other non-Pacific Listings resource, then we receive no compensation.

    We’re a Property Management Alternative

    It’s simple: You don’t need full management; you just need better tenants. If you have 20 tenants, and one is causing problems, that one bad tenant will be more of a headache than all the rest combined. We work individually with prospective tenants to ensure they’re the right fit for your rental.