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Be Selective

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Be Selective,
Good Tenants are Valuable

A high quality tenant is extremely valuable.  A low quality tenant causes headaches, loss of income, and can actually de-value a property.  It is all too common for property owners to speak very openly with us about all the trials and tribulations they encounter with their problem tenants.  Our methods result in higher caliber tenants for our clients.  A property owner can only be selective if a vacancy has heavy viewing traffic.  That is exactly what we create.  Too many owners that don’t use our service find themselves renting to the first person that expresses serious interest in renting from them, regardless of that tenant’s credit worthiness, rental history, current income, or various other crucial factors.  Being selective while still filling a vacancy quickly and at top dollar is a huge luxury in today’s competitive rental market, and our clients are afforded that luxury every day.

The numbers don’t lie.  It is a certainty that our methods will result in more tenants viewing a vacancy.  There has never been a scenario in which our presence resulted in fewer tenants viewing a unit than before our involvement.  Even if a vacancy is already being marketed by an owner or property management company, the addition of our service will always further increase tenant interest.  Increased tenant interest is always a good thing for an owner.  Increased interest is the only way for an owner to be increasingly selective with his tenant criteria.  The volume we create is an absolute game-changer for our clients.  If you don’t want pets in your building, let us find you tenants that don’t have any pets.  If you want tenants that have stable jobs, good credit, and strong income; then let us find you exactly that.  If a tenant materializes that applies to rent your vacancy, but you are not comfortable renting to that person, the decision is simple—Do not rent to that applicant.  Let us find you someone that you can be excited to call your new tenant.